Muppets Take FAO

Keegan LOVES the Muppets. He likes to sing and dance along with the guests as we watch DVDs from the television series. So, it's pretty cool that you can now build your own Muppet at FAO Schwarz.

First, choose a color: Orange, Green or Blue
Choose from 11 eye styles - some are currently out of stock though.
Choose from 12 noses, again some are out of stock.
Choose from 13 hairstyles - more out of stock...
Then choose from 14 outfits. And yes, some are out of stock.

Then you submit it. And pay $90 for your own Muppet!

You know, it is cute. But I think I prefer Create Your Own Critter and CurlyQ Cuties more. Create Your Own Critter is completely unique based on your child's drawing - for $60! Plus, you get a framed picture and a story about the creature. And CurlyQ Cuties... there is NOTHING that is out of stock when you create it and it is so unique, cuddly and affordable.

That's just my two cents! But either way, you know have three options to creating a custom toy/doll for your toddler or preschooler.

1. CurlyQ Cuties - (And you can try to win one here!)
2. Create Your Own Critter
3. FAO Schwarz: Build a Muppet

Which one is your favorite and why?