Monster-size Your Pet!

I knew about Shelly Rodriguez and her sculptures. But what I didn't know was that she would "monster-size" your pet into a quirky, unique illustration.

What were you planning on getting your friend, sister or sister-in-law this year? Yankee Candles? Bath and Body Gift Set? Vodka? Of course those gifts are all appreciated. But this is just so different and something that they can keep forever!

To the left is an example of what she did for Jenny at My London Flat Couture. For only $35 she can do the same for you! And you will receive:
  • A web-sized image
  • The original high resolution 5"x7" 300 DPI image to print
I bet you can print that on canvas at Walgreens or Shutterfly and it would come out wonderful!

Just thought y'all would like to know. I find it totally buzzworthy.

And sidenote, her store is having a sale until November 30th. Twenty Percent off everything. Just visit!

Happy Buzzing!