The Mom Buzz Weekend

So, without a doubt people have been buzzing around this Thanksgiving and Black Friday! I hope everyone had fun! I just want to keep you in the loop with EVERYTHING that has been going on at the Mom Buzz at a glance. Click the links that interest you! And leave comments when you feel inspired. I :heart: comments.

Huggalugs: Currently 11 Entries
JuneBee Baby: Currently 10 Entries
ListPlanIt: Currently 17 Entries
Avon: Currently 26 Entries
Pillsbury Brownies & Smuckers Toppings: Currently 50 Entries
Wii Build-a-Bear Game: Currently 42 Entries

Fun Posts that are Comment-Worthy:
I'm 30
Melissa & Doug Latches Puzzle
Monster-size Your Pet
Happy Hour: How to make a Buttery Nipple