The Mom Buzz Toolbar

A toolbar is now available for the Mom Buzz readers! This toolbar provides readers with:

1. A direct RSS feed to the Mom Buzz, so you never miss a buzzworthy moment!

2. The most buzzworthy link of the day is right there at a glance! Check it daily!

3. Receive messages as they come - from me to you. Winners, contests, funny stories and more.

4. Access the chat room to talk to other Buzz readers!

5. MUSIC! What's your style? Rap, Alternative, Rock, Latin, Oldies - find them here. And I would LOVE to have some bloggers hook me up with their podcasts.

6. Quickly access the most popular pages from the Mom Buzz.

7. And did we mention the online search feature?

toolbar powered by Conduit

Check it out! Download it! And stay up to date with the Mom Buzz!