Melissa & Doug Latches & Skills Puzzle

I am going to preface this by saying I love Melissa & Doug Puzzles. Keegan owns one, Santa is bringing one for each boy this Christmas and I gave my goddaughter three puzzles for her birthday. I love the chunky puzzles for babies. I also like the Melissa & Doug magnetic puzzles where you move items through a maze with a magnetic pen or catch puzzle pieces with a magnetic "net".

But this puzzle just caught my attention at Toys R Us the other day. It is the Latches & Skills puzzle. It helps your baby and toddler develop their fine and gross motor skills as they "figure out" how 6 different latches work.

Now, at first I thought, "Cool!" But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized aren't latches supposed to keep kids AWAY from stuff? Think how often parents get locked out of the house because their child learned how to lock the door. And now we are helping them develop this skill even quicker?

Well, now I propose that Melissa & Doug up the ante and upgrade this puzzle. How about including the following on their smooth, sanded, solid wood board puzzle. For example, their puzzle should include:

  1. Baby-Proof Double-Locks: Teach your child how to open and close cabinets and drawers that are "baby proofed"
  2. Child Proof Bottle Caps: Teach them to push down, then twist.
  3. And my favorite, a safe lock: To teach your child to become a professional safe-cracker, like Charlize Theron in the Italian Job.
Jokes aside, I think it is a great idea for improving gross motor skills. I would have bought it if I hadn't just spent 20 or 25 dollars on Melissa and Doug Puzzles already!