Health Buzz: Vicks Vaporizer

When Keegan was 10 months old he caught a respiratory virus. It was awful and we did all we could to relieve his symptoms. We bought a humidifier, an air purifier and a Vicks Waterless Vaporizer. (V1900N Vicks Waterless Vaporizer)

The Vicks Vaporizer rocked. I believe it cost us around 10 dollars. It is extremely simple to use, which is a plus when you are an overtired parent ... or sick yourself. You simply plug it into the wall, pop open the hinged lid, place a Vicks scent pad into the compartment, close the lid, turn it on and let the Menthol vapors envelop you. There are three scent levels, but I always keep it on the highest setting. These pads last all night, in my opinion. The instructions say they last 4 - 8 hours.

When I plug it in Keeg's room, his whole room becomes easier to breathe in. And it slowly seeps into the hallway and living room too. Also, it acts like a glowing green night light when on. So it makes it easier to check on your sick child. But, although I bought it for him, the whole family will use it when sick. He just gets first dibs.

Unlike a humidifier, there is no water. So that means no spills. Good for the clumsy! But the Vaporizer does get warm. So be sure to keep it out of reach of little ones.

Cleaning is a snap. Open the lid, remove the used pad and toss it, wipe the scent tray with a clean cloth and put it away until you need to use it again. Since you do plug the Vaporizer in, you need to use common sense even when under the influence of cold medicine. Don't use it in the bathtub or around water.

The Vaporizer is approximately 5x5 inches. It is very compact. When you purchase it, it will come with 5 scent pads, which is always enough to get us through a cold. But, it's a good idea to buy extra Menthol scent pads since you never know when congestion may hit. You can buy these refills in the Vicks brand name or a generic name at almost any pharmacy or a Target/Walgreens/CVS.

The refills cost between 4 - 5 dollars, but they are worth every penny. The ingredients of the Vicks scent pad are Menthol, Eucalyptus Oil, Cedarleaf Oil (Myristica Oil), Nutmeg Oil and Thymol. These scent pads can also be used with the Vicks VapoSteam Inhaler.

I'm starting to wonder if I have an addiction to the Vicks scent. It just makes me feel good. But then again, it could also be the fact I can breathe when I use this during a cold. And I figure, if I like to breathe - my kid probably does too. I love this product.

Check in for the Health Buzz tomorrow! I am going to talk about a more compact version of the Vicks Waterless Vaporizer!