Health Buzz: Vicks ComfortFlex Thermometer

Most new moms know that when you and your newborn are at the hospital, the nurses are constantly taking the baby's temperature to make sure he is warm enough. I hated when the nurses did it to Keegan. They seemed so unnecessarily rough as they held his little arm down to get an underarm reading - my little mellow baby would scream each time. So that was why I am always looking for a quick, painless method to take my children's temperature.

For a while I liked the digital pacifier thermometers. Keegan would suck it as it would read the temperature. But I realized that when your baby is really sick and screaming, it doesn't do a lot of good since you can't keep the paci in the mouth. Plus, if they just drank a cool bottle, it can interfere with the reading.

I am big on a good temporal scanner. Once you learn how to use one, it's really easy and quick. But, some parents just don't feel it's right for them.

So that's when I would suggest something simple, like the ComfortFlex Vicks Thermometer (V966F-24). This thermometer can be used orally, for older children and adults, rectally, which I could never bring myself to do, or under the arm. So, you may have seen other digital thermometers like this before... why buy the ComfortFlex? Well, it has some neat features for such a simple digital thermometer!

Large Color Changing Display
This is probably the coolest feature. I always have to grab my cheat sheet when reading temperatures to know if it is a fever or not. But with the ComfortFlex the digital display will shine green if it is not a fever, yellow if the temperature is mildly elevated and red if it is a high fever.

The ComfortFlex reads my family's temperature in 8 seconds. Although, I have only tested this baby when we were all in the green range (no fever). it may take a little longer to read a fever.

You want the backlight so you can easily read a temperature, even when it's dark.

Gentle ComfortFlex Tip
The tip is not hard plastic, but more rubbery. So it is more gentle when taking a baby or toddlers temperature underarm - rather than shoving a plastic stick under there like the nurses did with Keegan!

Memory Recall
After it shuts off, if you turn it back on it remembers the last temperature reading. Useful if you are dealing with a fever and trying to keep accurate notes as the fever climbs and falls with every dose of Tylenol or Motrin.

Lifetime Warranty
Now this is a pretty cool benefit. It's meant to last a lifetime, as long as you don't do anything "strange" to it - like stick it in a dishwasher. Bad idea. So if it fails, Kaz will repair or replace it for free!

Changing the battery is a snap. The battery area is located on the back. Simply use a coin to unlock it and replace it with a 3V CR1225 when the low battery power signal appears.

Now, using the ComfortFlex is pretty basic. You turn it on. It blinks green, yellow, red then shows it is ready. You pop it in a mouth or under someone's rm. It reads the temperature and beeps when it is done. That simple.

The ComfortFlex comes with probe covers, which you can buy more at your local pharmacy. But I would only worry about that if you were going to do a rectal temperature! Otherwise you can clean the thermometer between uses with soapy, warm water and/or rubbing alcohol. Then wipe with a dry cloth.

Overall, I think this is an easy thermometer to use for new moms and dads. At a glance you will know if your baby has a fever or not, thanks to the colored display. And it does readings FAST - exactly what you need when you are dealing with a feverish baby. So, if you are looking for something simple to replace a thermometer you already have - or maybe you are creating a baby registry - consider the ComfortFlex Vicks Thermometer.