Health Buzz: Normal Body Temperature?

Since I've been talking so much about thermometers lately, it seemed appropriate to chat about a normal body temperature. With little ones, a fever can be worrisome. But did you know that a child's normal temperature range is different than that of an adult's? And a normal range also differs depending where you take the temperature.

I have a cheat sheet here at home, so I thought I would share it with the Mom Buzz readers! Print it out and keep it with your medicines and thermometers.

Normal Range by Site:
Oral: 96.6 - 99.5 F
Rectal: 97.7 - 100.3 F
Axillary (under arm): 95.5 - 98.8 F
Arterial (forehead): 97.4 - 100.1 F
Ear: 96.4 - 100.4 F

Normal Range by Age (approximation):
0 - 2 Years - 97.5 - 100.4 F
3 - 10 Years - 97 - 100 F
11 - 65 Years - 96.6 - 99.7 F
Over 65 - 96.4 to 99.5 F

When your child has a fever and you call the doctor's office, let them know where you are taking the temperature!

I hope you don't need that information, but it is good to have this season!

And if you missed it before, here are three buzzworthy thermometers you may be interested in!
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Stay Healthy and Happy Buzzing!