Health Buzz: IUD, Personal Experience

The Mirena IUD is becoming a very popular choice among women as a form of birth control. It's effective for 5 years, you don't have to worry about popping a pill and it is reversible. For me, it gave me and my husband time to think about whether we want more children. I usually have side effects with the pill, but I heard that most Mirena users were satisfied and did not have problems. I did my research like a good, responsible mom.

Going through the FAQs I found that serious complications with Mirena® are uncommon but may include:
  • Mirena® going through (perforating) the uterus, which may require surgery
  • Mirena® coming out by itself (expulsion), which can lead to unwanted pregnancy; if this happens, use back-up birth control, such as a condom, and call your health care professional
But it said UNCOMMON. So what are the chances it would happen to me? Well, here is my story:

I got my first postpartum period 5 months after Lochlan was born. I called my obgyn's office and made an appointment for my IUD.

They tell you that you will feel a pinch and a cramp. Yeah, I felt the pinch. And I felt the cramp. And then I felt a radiating pain in both my hip bones. I think I genuinely gave my obgyn cause for concern when I asked if she hit a nerve in there. She decided to do an ultrasound to verify placement of the IUD, since I am "small" it gave her a little trouble. But, they determined it was placed correctly.

But, when it was time to leave and drive home I felt like I was going through early labor pains. Oh My God. I was so tense and it just sucked, for lack of a better term. The cramps continued for two weeks, but since I was not bending over backwards in pain I assumed it was okay. After all, the ultrasound verified correct placement. At least I know it's in correctly. I assumed that I just needed to wait for my body to accept that the IUD is there. A few times I would feel a sharp pain that made me stop in my tracks, but I brushed it off.

Then I went in for my two week checkup to check on the IUD. To make a long story short (it involved taking 2 kids to the obgyn AND to the hospital) after an ultrasound and X-ray it was determined that the "early labor" pains I felt was my uterus contracting to expel the IUD and it forced the IUD through the abdominal wall, rather than vaginally. Uhm... and it was MIGRATING.

They scheduled me for surgery to remove it the following week, and I was not supposed to do any heavy lifting prior (to keep it from migrating further) or after. During the surgery they made an incision at my belly button (poor beebo) to insert a camera and locate the IUD. Then they made two slits on either side of my bikini line to remove it.

So, I don't think it is necessary to hear my thoughts on the IUD. I actually don't think it's a bad product. My concern is when I hear women complain about pain or unusual bleeding, but their obgyn's brush it off as normal. I know if I called, they would have told me the same thing. But migration of an IUD is a very real possibility. If you are concerned about your IUD, call. Your health is just as important as your little ones. Once the IUD starts migrating there are a myriad places it can go.

That's my story! Geese Migrate and so do IUDs!

Happy Buzzing!