Happy Hour: White Russian

You might hear me mention White Russians as much as I mention caffeine in my posts. I love coffee. And I love Kahlua. Coffee is what gets me going during the day. A White Russian on the rocks is how I spend a lot of my Friday nights, as I type away or watch a movie.

But what IS a White Russian. Well, it was the drink of choice of the Dude from the Big Lebowski. It's cool, has a coffee flavor and is a nice drink to just chill with. It is called "white" because of the cream (or milk) that is added. And it is referred to as Russian because of the vodka.

5 parts Vodka
2 parts Coffee Liqueur - like Kahlua
3 parts cream - I often substitute milk. Shake the milk before adding to thicken it.

Then you pour over ice and enjoy!

Order it at a bar next time you go out with the girls or a date night! It's high on my favorites list.