Happy Hour: Buttery Nipple

The first time I had this drink I was in Vegas, coordinating a big event with my boss. She always liked to have a drink before the actual party happened - since by then the hard work was done and we could finally relax! So one of those times she handed me a Buttery Nipple on the rocks. :giggle: It has such a silly name, but I don't think you can call it anything else. And honestly, it is such a girl drink! It is super sweet and tastes like butterscotch. Often it is served as a shot. So consider it on your next wild girls night out. But like most of my favorite drinks, I like it on the rocks for sipping.

2 parts buttershots liqueur
1 part Irish cream liqueur

Simply mix and pour over ice! If you are doing it as a shot, pour the buttershots in first, float the Irish cream on top and forget about the ice. :wink:

Happy Buzzing!