Decorating for the Holidays: Day 10

This post is inspired by MomDot and brought to you by Organic Blankees, Huddy Buddy, and Baby Legs.

I love decorating for Christmas! It helps bring in the holiday and generate excitement and anticipation. Already I have the stockings out - although only two are hung since Keegan and Lochlan are playing with the others. And the tree is up ... but not decorated. I'll do that either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Kevin will hang the Christmas Lights outside between Thanksgiving and the weekend after.

Some people have nice, themed trees. All blue or all red and green. Not us. I like chaos. We buy an ornament a year to add to the tree and it is full of memories. A themed tree might look pretty, all Martha-Stewart style - but to me it doesn't speak to my family. I love multicolored lights, so that is what I use on the tree. Kevin likes blue lights, so that is what is on the house. Although I think I can convince him to use colored lights this year. The blue looks too dull.

We personally don't overdecorate, because it can get expensive! But I think that going a little overboard is fun. I know I get a kick going by houses that are totally decked out during our nightly walks.

So what about y'all? How do you decorate for the holidays? Do you have a themed tree? Share pics! And do you think there is such thing as OVER decorating?