Day 5: The True Meaning of Christmas

This post was inspired by MomDot and brought to you by Baby Pop and Chic Covers.

What is the true meaning of the holidays? For everyone that could mean something different. For us, of course it is when Jesus was born. And Christmas is about the spirit of giving, represented by Santa Claus.

When I hear people don't want to lie to their children and tell them there is a Santa Claus, I definitely think they miss the point. Santa Claus is not about duping children to be good, because if that was what he was about it doesn't work very well! Kids will be kids! Santa is the spirit of giving. As long as you teach children that giving is just as much as fun as receiving, Santa will stay alive. And at this age, where Keegan is 2 and Lochlan will be 1, I think we can definitely enjoy the magic of Santa coming and leaving presents under the tree. And then we can visit family and friends and let Keegan and Lochlan pass gifts to them.

Also, we will go to mass on Christmas Eve, to remember Jesus' Birthday. And we visit family on Christmas Day, since family is really what makes the holidays great - not the gifts.

What are your thoughts on the True Meaning of Christmas?