Crayola: Triangular Washable Markers

I remember when Crayola was just crayons. Now they are buzzing the baby, toddler and preschooler market with new products designed with them in mind. One such item is the Washable Triangular Markers!

Now, I should preface this to say that I do let Keegan (2 years old) use regular markers. And often the caps get lost and the markers dry out. But these Crayola Triangular Markers come with NO CAPS. There is some Crayola magic there that keeps the markers from drying out! All you have to do is press the tip against the paper a few times and the color flows into the tip and you can start to color. You will have to show your toddler how to do this.

Another cool thing is their shape - triangular. So it is easier for your toddler to get a grip on the markers. Each side is 1 inch across and the total length of the marker is 4 inches. Crayola says that the triangular design helps guide their fingers into the correct writing position - helpful for school! And Keegan does hold these markers "correctly".

Crayola Triangular Markers are non-toxic - such a plus when I see Lochlan crawling around with one in his mouth. *sigh* And they are washable. Thank goodness - easily coming off skin with soap and water. The colors that come in the box are green, yellow, orange, blue and red. They are meant for ages 24 months and older, as part of the Crayola Beginnings line. Crayola Beginnings also makes Triangular Paintbrushes.

But honestly, my favorite thing about these markers is the "No Caps". One less choking hazard in the house!

So, if you are looking for a stocking stuffer consider something from the Crayola Beginnings and/or TaDoodles line! I love to put crayons, chalk and markers into the stockings. In fact, Crayola TaDoodle Crayons made it into Keegan's stocking last Christmas! TaDoodles are for children 18 months and older.

Happy Drawing!