Crayola TaDoodles: Easy Stampers & All-In-One Paints

Keegan has a lot of TaDoodle products to play with. We started buying him Crayola and TaDoodle products when he was 1.5 years old. Now, originally I was going to do the TaDoodle Easy Stampers and TaDoodle All-In-One Paints as two separate reviews. But honestly, Keegan has SO MUCH FUN playing with both TaDoodle products together - I almost feel like if you buy one, you should buy the other.

TaDoodles™ Easy Stampers
: The version we have is a purple cow, an orange horse and a red chick. I know, Crayola says it is a parrot - but Keegan is insistent it is a chick. To use it, simply place the animal upside down on a piece of paper and push. The action causes the stamp inside to hit the ink pad (also inside) and then turn and stamp the paper. Keegan LOVES this. He can easily do it himself, but he also likes to direct his daddy and me on where to place the cow, horse and parrot chick. If your toddler plays with this alone, it is easy with no dripping and no spills!

The base of the TaDoodles are wide and Keegan can easily get a grasp onto it. And if he should accidentally stamp something other than paper - say Lochlan's forehead - it comes right off with soap and water! The Easy Stampers are recommended for ages 18+ Months. You can also buy a set of Easy Stampers shaped like a crocodile, beaver & duck.

Now here comes the messy, fun, easy-to-clean part! TaDoodles All-In-One Paint! We have the Orange, Purple and Green set. This has the same shape as the Easy Stampers, with the wide base for an easy grip. The top has a paintbrush though! You gently push the tip of the paintbrush on the paper to get the paint flowing. And it does act like paint, not marker! I think that surprised me at first. So if you touch wet paint it easily transfers. Just tonight Kevin was washing green paint from Keegan's hair. And yesterday I washed it off Lochlan's face. And since I was helping Keegan paint and stamp, I had paint on me too. But after bath time we were all clean! It came off so easily!

It's cool that Keegan doesn't have access to a container of paint, though. So it really controls the mess that could be made. Nothing is dripping onto the table or floor. It is only on the paper, children and parents.

I think Keegan prefers the All-In-One Paintbrushes to traditional markers and crayons because he has an easier time experimenting with different strokes and scribbles.

So let's combine the fun! Keegan loves to stamp out the animals using the Easy Stampers. Then he colors them with the All-In-One Paints. The result is some magnificent art! I had him do it to white cards and envelopes that I plan to send to friends and family. And playing with these three TaDoodle products is what he wants to do EVERY DAY now!

Wait...did I say three? Easy-Stampers, All-In-One Paints...what's the third product Keegan loves? Well...I have a surprise for all my readers. But you'll have to come back to find out! It will be announced this week! But Keegan LOVES IT!

So, in short. If you are looking for a stocking stuffer or maybe a small gift for a child, turn to the TaDoodle line of products. And consider buying the Easy Stampers and All-In-One Paint TaDoodles together!

Happy Buzzing!