Christmas of Dreams: My Entry

I would love to win MomDot's Christmas of Dreams, because it will be a wonderful way to end a pretty tough year. Some of it was self-inflicted, other parts were just bad luck. I would like to win these prizes for my boys and to share with my nephew (who will be born in November) and his mom.

My second son was born 19 months after the first. He was conceived immediately after a miscarriage - my second miscarriage. He was born in December 2007 and I made the decision to quit my job and stay home with the boys, although I was the primary breadwinner. But my grandparents health was failing and they no longer could watch Keegan, let alone a newborn. And I choose not to put them in daycare. So that part of the hardship, a tightened budget, was my own doing.

What wasn't my doing was abdominal surgery for an IUD that migrated from my uterus to my abdomen. Or my car being damaged when my husband tried to cheer me up by taking me on a date at the beach. Or finding out both grandparents have cardiac conditions. Both of my own parents needing surgery for a car accident they went through. Failing at breastfeeding again and having to buy formula. An air conditioning that is about to go kaput. A student loan that is about to come due. And anxiety up the wazzoo that has made me drop an insane amount of weight so nothing fits me anymore - but I don't have shopping money in my budget for me. But I still laugh and smile as I realize that the most important thing is that I am here with my boys.

So, a Christmas where I can leave some of these insane worries behind would just be so ... nice. Peaceful. Isn't that how everyone should feel at Christmas, instead of the stress and insanity? And if I received this Christmas of Dreams, it would be the gift that keeps on giving!

Plus, my Sister-In-Law works with mentally disabled adults and is the primary breadwinner of HER household. Yet, the government is cutting funding like crazy, which is bad for her clients and her. So I would definitely share this Christmas of Dreams with her and my soon-to-be-born nephew.

What five items am I most excited about? Well, I have been eying the Learning Toys from LeapFrog since Keegan was 6 months old. He has the LittleTouch Leappad, which I love. And I am very excited about the New Tag Reading System. All of the sponsors that are offering baby clothes, that would be perfect for Lochlan who mostly has clothes that were passed from my nephew to Keegan to Lochlan. Three times over hand-me-downs! So Uncommonly Cute has stuff that Lochlan would look awesome in! I am using a black, ugly tote that has the logo of my husband's company on it as a diaper bag. It was the only thing I could find that would hold everything I needed for both boys. So Mimsi Bags might be just the thing to save me from this fashion faux pas I am making! I would love a blanket from Shi Shu Style, but honestly, that is right up my Sister In Law's alley. Those bamboo blankets are perfect to cozy and cuddle my newborn nephew Zach in. And finally, who doesn't love Baby Legs? I've been eyeing them since Keegan was born. Lochlan would look awesome in a striped pair!

So, yes, I was thrilled when I found out MomDot was hosting a Christmas of Dreams. And I once said I don't enter contests because I don't need an item, and Trisha said "Enter and if you win you can give it to someone!" Well, my boys and I can use SO MANY of these items. Honestly, if it is not something I can use, I will share it with all the moms I do know. And giving is what the season is all about too. Overall, winning would just make my hardest-year-ever ends just a little nicer. And did I mention it's my birthday November 27th? :smile:

Thank you MomDot for putting this together... you rock!