Choosing a Potty Seat

When Keegan was around one, I decided it was time to buy a potty. I wanted a seat READY the minute Keegan showed interest in potty training. Most seats on the market didn't appeal to me. Too many bells and whistles. Many looked too small. A lot looked uncomfortable. So I did research and discovered the Potty Bench by Boon. It looked so complete. It had two enclosed side storage spaces for organizing potty training supplies - toilet paper on one side and wet wipes on the other! After your child uses the potty,a drawer pulls out for easy sanitary clean-up. And there is a little shield to keep splashes in when boys pee. If you close the lid it becomes a sturdy stool that supports up to 300 lbs. I knew this was the potty for us.

I found a boutique that sold it, but when I got there they said they suggested an other potty over it. And surprisingly the Potty Bench was not in stock. So I went to Babies R Us, since I saw it in a flyer. They didn't have it in stock, either. I ended up buying a different potty with a cooshy seat.

The cooshy seat potty worked well at first, but then I learned the cooshy seat actually ABSORBS residue, liquid and nastiness. It started cracking and I am sure it was full of bacteria, no matter much how I disinfected it. Plus, it always smelled like a team of football players just used the bathroom blindfolded - andall that odor was coming from the cooshy seat!So I started looking for a new potty seat that I can buzz about to other moms, since the cooshy seat one is not buzzworthy.

Well, we now have our new potty seat. Keegan has been using it for about a week. And it ROCKS! Come tomorrow to see what seat Keegan is now using and discover why it is so buzzworthy!