Choosing a Potty: the Boon Potty Bench Review & Contest: CLOSED

That's right, ladies. We are now the proud owners of a Boon Potty Bench. This thing rocks. I was worried about transitional issues, moving Keegan from the cooshy seat potty to the Boon - but he IMMEDIATELY took to the Boon Potty Bench.

We opened the box, quickly assembled the soft shield deflector onto the drawer, pushed it into place, and then the boys played. They opened and closed it. Opened and closed it. Opened and closed it. So I moved it to the bathroom. Maybe an hour later, I walk by the bathroom and see that the drawer was partially out and there was PEE in it! My little guy went potty by himself and tried to dump the pee. So, there were NO transitional issues at all! The cooshy seat of the previous potty was not a must-have, and only acted as an unsanitary sponge.

So let's get into the details.

SIZE: One concern a mom may have is how well will a potty fit into the bathroom. This potty is the perfect size for potty training. It sits lower to the ground than other potties, so it is easier for small children to get onto the potty and off by themselves. The Potty Bench is approximately 6.5 inches from the ground. The cooshy seat potty was over 7.5 inches from the ground. A BIG difference for a potty training child. The seat is 12.5 inches wide and 20 inches long. To get an idea on size, please look at my two potties sitting side by side. My bathroom is small, but the potty bench fits in well.

DURABILITY: The Potty Bench can hold up to 300 pounds. This is good, because that means adults can easily use it as a bench or stool. I sit on it when bathing the kids, rather than hunching over the tub. The kids can also use it as a stool to eventually get onto the big toilet by themselves and reach the sink.

STORAGE: I like the side storage compartments. When I was first training Keeg we always had books in the bathroom and toys - but they were loose on the bathroom floor. But now you can put books and toys in the right hand storage compartment. And when your child is ready to handle toilet paper, you can put a roll in the left storage compartment. Keegan doesn't need toys or books now, so keeping wet wipes in the right storage compartment is convenient for me to make sure tushes are extra clean!

APPEARANCE: Like all Boon, Inc. products, the Potty Bench is sleek and modern. It has no quirky designs, no bells and whistles. It is simple and that is all we need when it comes to potty training.

Cleaning is simple. Tuck the deflector down, slide the drawer out, dump waste in the toilet and rinse, wipe and disinfect as necessary.

SAFETY: When it is not a potty, it acts as a stool and bench. Other potties claim they can be used as a stool, but they are not long enough to keep a wobbly toddler safely in place. When Keegan stands on the Potty Bench, there is less of a chance of him mis-stepping and falling off. (Picture to the left shows Keegan on the cooshy seat potty, not the Boon. Keegan is standing on the Boon on the picture above.)

OVERALL: I LOVE the Boon Potty Bench. I wish I used this one from day one of potty training.

CONTEST: Boon, Inc. has decided to sponsor the give-away of a Boon, Inc. Potty Bench to one lucky the Mom Buzz reader! Are you ready to start potty training and need a seat? Or is the seat you currently own just not working out? Then enter this contest and try to win a Potty Bench of your very own!

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