Buzz Review: Huggalugs Baby Leg Warmers

It's that time of year again! Temperatures are dropping and us moms are trying to figure out how best to keep our little ones warm, from their heads to their toes!

Hat - check!
Coat - check!
Pants - check!
Socks - check!

Leg warmers - ... That's right, moms! Your baby and toddlers are not ready for winter without their Huggalugs leg warmers! Made in Australia, these chic baby and toddler legwarmers provide endless benefits turning them from a simple, stylish accessory to a must-have item in your diaper bag!

Why, you ask? Well...
  • Changeable Weather
In Florida it is often cool during the morning, warm in the afternoon and then drops drastically at night. But Huggalugs are an easy way to ensure that Lochlan is always dressed appropriately. When we leave the house to go to the library he can wear them with shorts. When we leave the library, I just peel them off and he is still dressed appropriately for the now warmer weather. Or when we run to my parent's house in the afternoon, he can wear his shorts. But when the weather dips, I pull his Huggalugs from the bag to keep his legs warm.

Moms of girls can do the same, putting Huggalugs under skirts! Simply put, it's a lot easier to keep Huggalugs in a diaper bag than three changes of clothing during this time of year!

Plus, Huggalugs can be interchangeable as leg OR arm warmers! So if your child is in short sleeves, just pull on some Huggalugs and it looks like a layered shirt!
  • Cover the Gaps
You can also put Huggalugs under pants to keep ankles warm from cold drafts. After all, there is always that one bit of bare skin between the socks and the end of the pants! And children easily hike their pants up with all the moving and grooving they do. Carriers and slings also cause pants to ride up. But the Huggalugs will always stay put, comfortably, and keep those legs warm!
  • Potty Training
When potty training Keegan, he was (is) often walking around in just a shirt and underwear. In the summer that might be fine, but for children training in the winter they need a layer to keep their legs warm! Huggalugs make it easy for them to practice taking on and off their underwear to use the potty, while still keeping their legs warm!
  • Cloth Diapers
Cloth diapers are so cute now-a-days! So many patterns and colors to choose from! I often see pictures of fluffy butt kids wearing only their cloth diaper and a shirt. Once again, keep those legs warm with Huggalugs!
  • Protect Knees
Learning to crawl can be tough on the knees, as babies go over rough carpet and floorboards. And those first steps are exciting, but still cause scrapes and bruises on those baby legs! Sp protect those little legs with Huggalugs as they hit those first milestones!
  • Pediatrician Visits
Often a nurse will give your child a shot on their legs. try dressing your child in a pair of shorts and Huggalugs so that you don't have to struggle with taking off pants at the office!
  • Diaper Rashes
When Keegan was just itty-bitty he got a BAD diaper rash. We did a lot of naked bottom time. But although I wanted to air out his bum, I didn't want him to be chilly. Huggalugs would have been the perfect answer to keeping his legs warm, while his butt healed.

  • Protection from Insect Bites
If the mosquitoes are buzzing, which is almost always in Florida, we can easily protect Lochlan's arms and legs by pulling on Huggalugs. You can even spray the Huggalugs with repellent, rather than directly on a toddler or baby's sensitive skin!
  • Style
And the number one reason I love Huggalugs. The styles are oh-so cute and perfect for boys and girls! Wear them with costumes, tutus and pettiskirts!

Lochlan (pictured) is wearing Dinosaurus (Item 0211). My other favorite patterns for boys are Smasher, Bomber Jo and Lil Pirate. For girls, be sure to check out the LadyBeetle and Sunshine Fields! I love how easy it is to change his diaper when he is roaming around in a shirt and Huggalugs. Plus, he is doing a combination of walking and crawling, so I like this added protection for his legs.

Cleaning the Huggalugs was a snap! Toss in the washer, cold cycle, then air dry to prevent shrinkage.

Plus, I like how Huggalugs fit Lochlan. You see the chub on that boy! But Huggalugs don't leave marks from the elastic, yet they stay put!

Excited about Huggalugs? I know I am! And one lucky Mom Buzz reader will get to try a pair for themselves!

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