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So, I kept alluding to a mysterious Crayola toy that Keegan was playing with - but I wouldn't say what! The suspense! Well...this is it! The new TaDoodles Scribble & Sing Art Station. The minute he saw it he had to open it and really explore. It comes with 5 First Marks Markers, One Giant Coloring Sheet and the Scribble and Sing Art Station. The markers are a Green Owl, Orange Bear, Blue Mouse, Red Bird and Yellow Lamb.

The markers are recognizable animals, so that Keegan can call them by name. They do not need caps. To color with them, simply turn them upside down, press the tip against the paper and the ink will start to flow. If the ink gets on skin or furniture, it easily comes off with warm, soapy water. The marker comes off clothes in the wash. The wide base of the TaDoodle First Marks Markers keeps them from toppling over and accidentally getting ink on furniture.

INTERACTION: Nothing beats parent interaction as your child creates art! But the Scribble and Song Art Station will light up different portions of its screen and encourage children to draw lines, dots, zig zags, waves and squiggles. Plus, it recognizes the animal that sits in its yellow, center position. It will say the name of the animal and the color! So your child will hear the Art Station say, "Roary Red, Yoo Hoo Yellow, Uh Oh Orange, Goody Green and Achoo Blue" depending on which First Marks is center stage. We tried putting other TaDoodles items in the center, but they don't interact. But we can't complain, since this Art Station has over 15 unique activities.

PORTABILITY: The Art Station is easy to move from one play area to another with a built-in handle.

VOLUME CONTROL & AUTO SHUT OFF: There are three options for volume on the Art Station. Off, Medium and Loud. It can get loud with the giggles, singing and chattering, so the medium setting is nice. But the setting is in the front, so Keegan easily switches it back to full volume. The Art Station also shuts off after 20 seconds of non-use - but Keegan would never let that happen. He kept swapping animals and making the station talk to him. Which is a good thing! He really interacted with the toy.

BATTERIES: The TaDoodles Scribble & Sing Station takes 3 AA batteries. The box said they were not included, but mine did have them included. So a possible mix-up? Buy batteries when you buy the Art Station, but you might be pleasantly surprised!

OVERALL: Keegan LOVES this Art Station. When he is coloring, this takes center stage. He puts all his TaDoodles Friends in and out of the little spots on the Art Station. Plus, he has an easy time coloring with First Marks. Finally, he really loves making it talk to him!

ADDITIONAL: The TaDoodles Art Station is for ages 18 months and older and the markers are non-toxic.

RECAP: But, remember, Keegan has a lot of TaDoodles items. He likes the B.U.V. because it has wheels and can take his TaDoodles for a ride. He loves playing with the All-In-One Paints and Easy Stampers together. And Lochlan can safely play with the non-toxic TaDoodles Crayons. So if you are looking for stocking stuffers and creative gifts, be sure to check back on all the Crayola Reviews from the past week and choose the best ones for your child, godchild or niece and nephews.

Crayola TaDoodles First Marks B.U.V.
TaDoodles Crayon Buddies
Crayola Easy Stampers & All-In-One Paints
Triangular Washable Markers

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