Buzz and Contest: GiGi Belts - CLOSED

When I first saw these belts by GiGi Belts, my jaw dropped. How mod! So chic! And yes, the perfect accessory for baby! These belts are made SPECIFICALLY for little ones from 0 to 12 months!

Barbara came up with the concept behind GiGi Belts after the birth of her daughter. A onesie & jeans just weren't a complete look - she needed a belt! And not just any belt, but one that is easy to take on & off so that you can still do a diaper change in a snap!

For a girl, my favorite is the punker Baby Wanna Be a Rock Star- Baby Belt. For a boy I like Aliens Among Us- Infant Navy Blue Belt. The belts are 20 inches for 0 to 6 months, 22 inches for 6 to 12 months. And if you see a buckle that you want on a different strap, there is a "You Design It" option! Or maybe you see a style that you need just a little longer, maybe it would be perfect for your toddler, just send Barbara a message via Twitter or Etsy with the length you need for a special order! And with so many photo opportunities coming up in these next two months, make sure your little one is always picture perfect with a GiGi Belt!

Barbara has just created this gorgeous, yellow belt to add to her line-up. The only problem is, she still doesn't have a name. For a chance to win a GiGi Belt, come up with a name for her newest design! Whoever comes up with the best name, chosen by Barbara, will win a GiGi Belt!

Your comment must include TWO things.
1. A name for this new, yellow belt.
2. Your favorite belt from her Etsy store.

* Blog about GiGi Belts and her give-away. Include a link to this post and to GiGi Belts.
* Add GiGi Belts and the Mom Buzz on twitter
* If you do all of the above, you can enter as many times as you want. But every extra entry at this point forward must include a NEW name for the belt and your favorite belt from the GiGi Belts Etsy Store.

* This contest is open to US residents only. Contest runs from November 6th to November 12th, Midnight EST.