Blogger Buzz: The $200 Mission

The $200 Mission

Who is this sassy brunette in the black jumpsuit holding a gun? Don't panic! It's only Savvy Suzie going on her next mission to save you and me money at The $200 Mission! (Where is the Mission Impossible theme music when you need it?) Her tag line is: One Mom. One Mission. One Dinner Plate at a time.

1. What's your blog about?
"I found myself in a really tight financial spot and the grocery bill was one thing I had a LOT of control over - so the blog grew out of my need to cut our budget dramatically. I thought that $200 a month was a good number to shoot for, and so The $200 Mission was born! It helps keep me accountable - we hit those times when we have extra money, and knowing that I blog about my shopping trips keeps me from spending carelessly. I love being able to share all of the great ideas I find along the way, other great frugal blogs, recipes, coupons, and anything else I think might help someone else save a buck or two."

2. Do you own any other blogs?
"I also have The Recipe Mission - it is my personal recipe book, everything on there is a dish I have tested. I also include cost breakdowns for each dish!"

3. Favorite post from your blog?
Suzie's favorite post was a series called Bricklaying - foundational ideas for shopping smarter. Unfortunately, when she switched blogs the link to it was lost! But be sure to check out hew new spot for other smart shopping ideas!

4. What's one piece advice you'd give the bloggers who read this?
"There are SO many great resources out there to do what I'm doing. And don't be afraid of a little time investment in the DOES get easier!"

5. What's a must-read blog - besides your own!
"Too many to choose from - but when it comes to budget cooking, $5 Dinners is my go-to!"

In times like this when money is tight, I think we can all benefit from a $200 mission. And learning to cook and eat on a budget is just a twitter away! Follow Savvy Suzie on Twitter so you don't miss any money saving tips. And make sure you leave some comment love when you visit The $200 Mission and the The Recipe Mission ! Drop an Entrecard and tell her you saw her on the Mom Buzz!

Happy Buzzing!