Black Friday Shopping: Day 8

This post was inspired by the MomDot Blog Party and sponsored by Koshas, Leapfrog and Soda Club.

I never was one to get up first thing, stand out in the cold in a long line and run into a store to grab items as soon as the doors opened. But my dad and I (the only ones off for Black Friday) used to hit the stores to buy last minute stuff at good prices. Although most of the stuff was usually gone by the time we got there. I swear, they only put like 5 items of good sale stuff on the shelf.

The last time I went Black Friday shopping, Keegan was 7 months old. The following Black Friday I was 8 months pregnant and it didn't seem smart to deal with the crowds with my dad, a toddler and being massively pregnant.

But - here is my most MEMORABLE Black Friday experience. I was looking at the sneak peek ads for a while and knew a tv would go on sale at Best Buy. So I went in and asked he sales associate if they would honor a Black Friday sale if I came back on Black Friday and saw it was a lower price. He said yes. Sure enough, it goes on sale so I go in the morning (with my dad and I was 4 months pregnant with Keegan in my belly) and the person doesn't want to honor it. I told them the sales associate a few days before said they would - and that I would just bring that dang tv back, get my refund and purchase it again with the Black Friday sale and do they really want to do that to a lady who is 1/2 way through her pregnancy??? So, they gave me the Black Friday deal.

Still, it was a stupid associate. But I got my deal without having to deal with the crowds.