Bee Bites: Frugal x 3

After being a mom for 5 years, my sister is an immense source of current, creative mom knowledge. I've been after her to write SOMETHING for the Mom Buzz. She did and it's creative, frunchy and totally buzzworthy!

Introducing Bee Bites: Tips from a BTDT Mom!

I love being green … but not from the chlorine.

As I dumped both children into a bubble-bath post-swim lesson today, I found I had three minutes between the tub filling to perfect capacity until chlorine-scrub-down time. (Two-and-a-half minutes, really). During that time I figured out a way to recycle times three! So here’s what I did:

I ran to the laundry to throw my wet clothes in the dryer (so I could put the towels and wet bathing suits in the washer). After filling the dryer I pulled the very last dryer cloth out of my grocery-store generic dryer sheet box. Usually I throw a cardboard box such as this into my recycling basket. But a surge of inspiration hit me. I grabbed the box (which shall now be referred to as Recycling Exhibit A), ran to another closet where I store wrapping paper. In this closet I also store used helium balloons from kids parties to later use as wrapping paper.

I grabbed one such deflated balloon (which was precut at the seams to make for easier storage. I will call it Recycling Exhibit B ). I then wrapped my Recycling Exhibit A as if it were a gift. Then I cut the Recycling Exhibit B around the opening of Recycling Exhibit A with a sharp kitchen knife. While in the kitchen, I grabbed a bunch of plastic bags (Recycling Exhibit C) I save from shopping trips (I don’t have as many now because I usually use my canvas bags when I grocery shop, but every now and then I forget my canvas bags). I shove Recycling Exhibit C into Recycling Exhibit A which is wrapped in Recycling Exhibit B.

I am going to use it in my car for those times I need a trash bag because everyone with children knows you need a trash bag in the car at all times. And the best part is this disposable trash bag system also includes a nice fresh scent left behind from my dryer sheets! And all within 2.5 minutes! I wish untangling my daughter’s chlorine-saturated hair was this simple.
What a cool tip! This little container is small, portable and conveniently handles that unwieldy pile of plastic bags! I look forward to more Bee Bites from the Been There, Done That mom - my sister, Karen!