Awards from a Glamorous Housewife

I admit, I slacked on "officially" accepting awards. I feel loved - but there has been SO.MUCH.GOING.ON. You can tell, right? I'm playing Blog Party, visiting blogs, leaving comment luv, doing reviews, hosting give-aways. But, I really need to get it all together and officially accept awards! So, I am going to start with some awards from the Glamorous Housewife! Thank you! I DO need a cup of coffee! But I will settle for my grasshopper on the rocks for now. And I love the uber and super and sparkly awards! You rock and are totally glamorous!

Now what other blogs are uber, super and sparkly that can use a strong cup of coffee? Honestly, I just sent the sparkly award out not too long ago, so I will pass on the super, uber, coffee torches.

A Blog that can use a Strong Cup of Coffee and is Uber Amazing is:
On the Verge

And I will award the Super Blogger to:
Cool Baby Kid

Thank you and enjoy your awards! Wear them proud, ladies!