Are You a Bugaboo Friend?

I was recently invited to a new community - Bugaboo Friends. I love finding new things and places on the net, so I decided to check it out!

Bugaboo Friends is international, so you can see other parents from around the globe. It is very media savvy, with Flash Collages and Streaming Videos. It is neat to see the Murrays from London in action or the Santilli family from Brussels. Plus, you can link from your Bugaboo Profile to other to popular social networks you probably are already a member of - Facebook, MySpace and Hyves.

Honestly, my favorite perk with the Bugaboo site is being able to view sneak peaks of new products and the opportunity to win prizes. My curiosity is peaked! And you don't have to own a Bugaboo to join - you might just be like me and want a Bugaboo Bee (or Cameleon or Frog).

The only part of Bugaboo Friends I would like to see updated is have a way to chat to other parents directly from the site, maybe include a forum. If it is there, I can't find it! I think the intention is that you use the other social networks to really connect. Plus, I heard that users with Internet Explorer are having trouble. But I am a Firefox girl here, so I haven't seen any issues.

Take your own sneak peek of Bugaboo Friends, make a profile, take a look around and let me know what you think! Do you like the presentation? Is it easy to navigate? And get a load of those strollers!!!

Happy Buzzing!