Woman Seeking Women: Read More

Sounded kinky, eh? Haha - well get your heads out of the gutter and into the Mom Buzz! The Mom Buzz is seeking women who want to either be regular contributors or be a featured blogger.

Topics that I need help with are:
1. Style
2. Crafts
3. Current Music
4. Adult Book Reviews
5. Movies - in the theater or newly released
6. Recipes
7. Celebrity Gossip

Just e-mail me your thoughts and/or post. (See left sidebar) We'll work it in the schedule ASAP.

Featured blogger receives credit and a link back to their site.

Regular Contributor gets a banner with their status, their banner on my site, added to my Contributor page with a bio and of course a link back to their site with every post.

And if you replied to my Monday post, I am going to send you an e-mail soon!

Thanks and Happy Buzzing!