Tattoos: Everyone's Doing It!

Cheaper than Therapy has published a post called Think Before You Ink with 6 things to consider before getting a tattoo. It's worth a read! It's amazing what used to be shocking (OMG - You Have a Tattoo!) is pretty much the norm in the mom community. Many moms get tattoos after each child is born, to symbolize being a mother. I wanted to get a tattoo to symbolize both Lochlan and Keegan, but honestly I have no place to put it. My favorite tattoo spot is the lower back (A Tramp Stamp?) - and I already have a tattoo there. So that's a picture of it. It is the Chinese symbol for horse, and yes I had a Chinese friend verify that it really said that and was not upside down or backwards. And it is also the symbol for Sagittarius. I love it ...even 9 years later!

Anyways, I have three things I want to ask of the Mom Buzz readers.
1. Go read Cheaper Than Therapy's article and add your own advice.
2. Do you have a Tattoo that you want to share? Maybe the symbolism behind it? Send me the direct link in a comment or e-mail and I'll post it.
3. Or you can just do your own post and link to Cheaper than Therapy and the Mom Buzz and leave me a comment so I can buzz your ink!

That's it! Happy Buzzing!