Tag! I'm It!

There is a game of tag going around the blogosphere - and I'm IT! I was tagged by Ohana Mama - a site that supports women inventors and helps them market their goodies to the world! (Visit her!!)

Here are the rules of this blog tag game!

Seven random things about me (Erin) at the Mom Buzz!

1. I HAD an IUD. It migrated to my abdomen and had to be removed with surgery. They put a camera in my BELLY BUTTON to find it!!!

2. I love grasshoppers on the rocks. LOL. It's a drink - look it up!

3. My dream vacay is to go to Australia.

4. I have a sister.

5. I am a Sagittarius.

6. I have a tattoo on my lower back. It's the Chinese symbol for horse and the symbol for Sagittarius.

7. I wanted to marry Elvis when I was younger.

So now it's your turn...Tag You Are It!
These seven bloggers, consider yourself tagged by the Mom Buzz! Tell us 7 random things about yourself, link to me and pass the tagging fun on!

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