Look to the Right: Christmas of Dreams

On the right, do you see the sparkly little button with the snowflake. Christmas of Dreams. Sounds amazing, doesn't it? I know it will be, as MomDot has found spectacular sponsors to make this mom-dream a reality. All you have to do is participate in the blog party ahead of time, because the party is so big it can't just be in place! Mom Bloggers are going to be travelling the blogosphere, playing games, entering contest and meeting new moms and new bloggers. And the party ends on my birthday! You know that was part of the plan??? (Just kidding). Blog Party-Goers will have their names drawn and win fabulous prizes. Then on the 28th one lucky participant will win the grand prize - which is a whole lot of stuff that is Mom (and MomDot) approved!

So don't miss out. Party with the Mom Buzz and MomDot from November 12th to the 27th. Grab the buttons from MomDot. And your Christmas Dreams might just come true!