Health Buzz: Chiropractic Care for My Family.

Every Tuesday I like to offer a Health Buzz, since that is a priority for many of us! But today our Health Buzz comes courtesy of Missy at Mrs. Rodgers Neighborhood. I was reading her blog and saw how she takes her children to the chiropractor. I know many adults go - but children? So I asked her to share her chiropractic experience with the Mom Buzz readers. Enjoy!


Many people think that going to a Chiropractor is something that you do when you throw out your back or neck. When you go, the guy "cracks" you and you're out the door feeling better. Then when you make the same silly mistake two years later you go back again and do it all over....crack and out the door.

There is a small amount of truth to that, but it really doesn't always work that way. I started to work for a chiropractor right out of high school, doing the scheduling and helping write down the adjustments the doctor did. I learned quite a bit and I even started to get adjusted on a regular basis myself. On a regular basis you say? What is that? Why?

I always had a sore lower back, I would always chalk it up to my years in gymnastics and my blessing of a large chest. My boss, the chiropractor, would adjust me for free as part of my working there. I loved it. I learned that my spine was out of alignment, getting the chiropractic adjustments helped me feel much better and I started to not have pain like before. I would get adjusted three times a week at first then after a while it ended up being just every so often - maybe once a month.

I learned so much about chiropractic care and how your spine is related to EVERYTHING. If your spine is out of alignment and you have a pinched nerve, your whole body can be out of whack. You could have a headache, backache and so much more.

I used to see so many people come in to the office with so much pain and after a few times getting adjusted they were feeling so much better. Once people were feeling better they would come in for maintenance. I wondered about that, why they would have to come back even if they felt well? I learned that if you come every so often, it would help keep your spine in alignment and help you stay healthy. If your spine is straight and healthy, you wouldn't get sick as much. I thought that was pretty amazing. Adults and children would come in for adjustments. I even saw a brand new baby come in. I was quite surprised about that one, too. But come to find out, when the baby was born, his neck was pulled on during delivery and that caused issues with him right off the bat. He was adjusted and doing well soon after.

Since my years of working for the chiropractor I have always thought about those babies and how they were adjusted so young. I saw and discovered the benefits of it all and thought that if I ever had a family of my own I may do the same and get them adjusted.

Fast forward ten years, I now have children and a wonderful family of my own. When Norah was born they used the vacuum on her. It made my labor so much more quick, yes great for me but not for her. By using that procedure it pulled on Norah's little delicate neck. From the very start of her life she seemed to be sick and she had a few colds just after birth. Also, her neck seemed like it was stiff all of the time. She was always looking toward the left. I would turn it straight or to the right, but she would turn it right back. Sadly, it was so much that her head started to flatten on that side. I see a chiropractor on a regular basis and told him about it. He told me to bring her in so he could take a look at her, so I did. My chiropractor said that her neck was out of alignment and he adjusted her. Her cold went away quickly, however we did have to keep bringing her a few more times to get her neck straightened out. It soon did and she hasn't really been sick too much more besides teething issues.

One other quick story. Norah had this rash on her bum, it looked like a diaper rash that just wouldn't go away. I put tons of Desitin on it...nothing help. She had it for almost two months. I brought her to her doctor, he said it looked like eczema. He gave me a cream, it still wouldn't go away. I mentioned it to my chiropractor in passing. Since I had Norah with me that day, he took a look and then adjusted her lower back. Then next morning, the rash was gone! Seriously GONE! Almost two months of the rash and one simple thing and it's gone. It hasn't been back either.

I do take both of my girls to the chiropractor, they get adjusted every so often. If I see a cold coming on, I get them in there and get them straightened out. They may still get a small cold, but it's usually not too bad. I do feel does help them.

I like to tell people about these stories thinking maybe they will consider some of the other options out there instead of pumping medications in them right away. I figure if the chiropractic care doesn't help we can always move on to the medications later. However, I like to try the adjustments first.

My mom gets so nervous when I take them, but she just doesn't understand the benefits of it. I think she is starting to understand. I feel I would rather not have my girls on a bunch of medications all of the time. Your body wants to be healthy, sometimes you just have to give it a nudge.

For those of you that may be interested in reading more, here is a link to a site I found that may give you more answers.

Chiropractic care may not be for everyone, I feel it is for us, and will keep bringing my girls for years to come.


Wow! That is a lot to take in! Norah (10 months old) really seems to have benefited from chiropractic care. If any moms have any questions for Missy, feel free to leave a comment and maybe she can do a follow-up Q&A!

And you can always see Missy's adorable, healthy family at Mrs. Rodgers Neighborhood.