Saturday was my lucky day. A package from PJ at Goat Milk Stuff (and Many Children, Many Hugs Blog) came over. Inside the package was two bars of soap and two heart shaped sample soaps. The bars were scented Pink Sugary and Strawberry. The samples were Lemon and Vanilla.

PACKAGING and APPEARANCE: The soaps came individually wrapped in little muslin bags with draw strings. The logo is stamped on one side of the bag, the scent on the other. The presentation is wonderful. I could see grouping 3 or more together and putting them in a basket as a gift for a mom, sister, daughter or friend! The soaps definitely have a boutique look to them, with swirls on top of the soap. I have seen so many stores at the malls selling loose bars of soap that are cut from larger blocks. Yet, the presentation of Goat Milk Stuff's soap is so much more appealing!

SCENT: I opened the box and was immediately enjoying a sweet scent throughout the room. The scents were all named perfectly! The Strawberry was a gentle sweet smell. The Pink Sugary smelled even sweeter! The Lemon was a gentle lemon scent. And the Vanilla was soft, as well.

EXPERIENCE: I took them into the shower to test them out. Adding the water really enhanced the scents. They weren't too strong, but the citrusy smell of lemon was definitely lingering as a soaped up Keegan! (He was my bath buddy) The vanilla scent was cutting through too, making itself known in the shower. I would say the Strawberry was the most subtle of the three. And the Pink Sugary was just as delicious smelling as it sounded.

I have very sensitive skin that dries out easily. Many nights I am scratching my legs because of the dryness, so I was curious how i would react with Goat Milk Soap. No itchies at all. And my skin was as smooth as Keegan's! And the scent lingers on your skin, gentle, for hours. Because I also have allergies and usually sneeze after showers from the scent of the soaps. But not this time! It was WONDERFUL!

DID YOU KNOW: This comes from PJ's website, Goat Milk Stuff:

"The alpha-hydroxy acids and lactic acid present in the goat milk proteins renew your skin cells to leave your skin feeling soft and silky.

The pH of goat milk soap is closer to your skin's natural pH than that of commercial soaps. The mild and gentle nature of our soap is wonderful for sensitive or troubled skin. Since goat milk is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals it provides a creamy goodness to our soap that is both moisturizing and rejuvenating."

OVERALL: I can not say ENOUGH how much I think these would make a wonderful gift for a woman in your life. It left my skin soft and removed the itchiness associated with dry skin. It has an appealing appearance. Love the little canvas, drawstring bags! And I think it is awesome that the whole family helps make these wonderful soaps!

CONTEST: PJ is letting one lucky the Mom Buzz reader walk away with three bars of her better-than-boutique style soaps!

To enter the contest visit Goat Milk Stuff and look around. Decide on your THREE favorite scents. Then leave a comment here with your choices!

Extra credit:
1. Leave an extra comment telling us one thing you learned about goat milk soap from her site!

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From my experience, you will WANT to try this wonderful, soothing, deliciously scented, better-than-boutique soap! Contest is open to US residents, Ends November 3rd.