Frugal Tip Failure: Borrowing DVDs from the Library

I love my local library. It has an awesome children's section. And the librarian that does toddler time ROCKS. Keegan and Lochlan are both mesmerized, clapping, dancing, reading. It's fun!

Now, here is where the library fails. Their DVDs. I see it listed as a common "frugal tip" to save money and borrow FREE DVDs from your local library. Why rent? Why buy? Borrow for free!

The library is the WORST place to get DVDs. Since there is no money put on the table, people take no care of them. And what happens is I bring home a DVD with Kermit or Bambi or Madagascar that my son points all excitedly at ... and it is ALL SCRATCHED UP and there is all sorts of dried gunk on it. You know, as I look at this DVD in front of me (BAMBI), I wouldn't even say it is scratched. It is GOUGED on the back.

What are people doing with these DVDs? Playing frisbee with their dogs? Giving them to babies as teethers? Or better yet, giving them to their dogs as teethers?

I honestly have to borrow three DVDs at a time in hopes that one will be semi-watchable.

And don't get me started on RENTING videos. You bring a video home from Hollywood Video. If you didn't pay that extra 50 cents for "protection", if it is scratched it is YOUR FAULT. So the person before you might have bought that protection, scratched the movie, you don't even get to watch it and now you owe Hollywood Video a movie. I never went through that personally, but I saw a HUGE argument between a customer and the manager. And when I did rent a video with a scratch, I started off hostile with them, rather then let them pin me into a corner. If you ever need someone to handle a customer service issue for you, I am your "whoa"-man.

Back to the point of this post. Yes, please visit your local library and borrow books. But please don't have high hopes that you can watch lots of children DVDs for free.

And here is what my husband and I do to somewhat save my sanity. We don't have cable. Instead we buy one DVD a month. And we trade off on whose turn it is to choose. So Kevin gets to choose a DVD, then me, then Keegan and I guess we'll throw Lochlan in that mix. And we actually come out ahead, compared to paying for cable or renting movies.

Thoughts on borrowing DVDs from the library? Renting videos? Buying DVds? Share below!