Five Ugly Monsters Jumping on the Bed...

Move over monkeys! Now we have ugly monsters jumping on the bed in this quirky little board book. Just like the rhyme, "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, one fell off and bumped his head," except replace little monkeys with ugly monsters. The monsters are not scary looking, so little ones can handle it. Some monsters look like giant hairballs, others look like fish. But every time one falls off, the little boy calls the doctor and the doctor yells his advice over the phone. But by the last monster, the doctor unplugged his phone, so th elittle boy takes matters into his own hands. Keegan LOVES this book. Especially since every time I read the line of the doctor I get louder and louder! It's a great addition to your little monsters library. And perfect for Halloween!
Author: Tedd Arnold
Suggested Price:
Publisher: Scholastic, 1995
Pages: 30, including cover
Suggested Age: 4 - 8

***This is a board book, so I think it's perfect for birth to preschool.