Book Buzz: Monster Mess

We originally borrowed Monster Mess from the library. My son requested it so many times, that we are now planning to buy it. All I can say is that this is a must-have. And it's not very often that your child will REQUEST monsters!

The story is about a monster who wakes up at night and goes around cleaning. Every page has a sound you get to make, such as:

"Peek, peek ..." as the monster looks under the bed.
"Tiptoe, tiptoe..." as she tries to silently move around the house.
"Whisht, whisht..." as she sprays air freshener.

My two year old will repeat lines with me. Plus, I made actions for each sound. Such as making my fingers walk for "tiptoe" or laying my head on my hands for "Zzzzzz, Zzzzz". And my son now repeats those actions too!

The monster is not scary at all. It is lizard like with lots of hands, perfect for tickling the little boy at the end.

Overall, I highly suggest this book and look forward to reading more by Margery Cuyler. She did team up with illustrator S.D. Schindler for another book called Skeleton Hiccups which I am anxiously trying to get my hands on.

Author: Margery Cuyler
Suggested Price: $14.99
Suggested Reading Level: 4 - 8*
Pages: 40
Published: Margaret K. McElderry, August 2008

*Keep in mind, my 28 month old LOVES this book!