Blogger Buzz: Ohana Mama

I met Sarah through a great community of moms that chat at Baby Talk Bio. In June she let us all know that she was starting up a great new blog called Ohana Mama that would support mom entrepreneurs. And she really did support them, getting the word out through various blogger channels and forums. I give her credit for getting me hooked on blogging and thank her so much for all the tips she has given me along the way! She is a great friend and find - and I hope I bring a few more bloggers and moms her way. Because, it is not only Ohana Mama you will support, but other moms.

1. What's your blog about?
"Aloha Mom Buzz readers!! So exciting to be buzzing on the Mom Buzz. I love it! My site, Ohana Mama is simply about promoting moms and sharing cool things I find. I like to feature mom-run businesses or mom-made products first and foremost. But if a product comes along that's more mainstream but can be a benefit to my readers I'll talk about that too. I love to put my own story with a review or giveaway so you get a little glimpse into my life. Ohana means family, community, people coming together that share the same interests and support one a nut shell, that is Ohana Mama. Share, support, grow! Oh and with a splash of aloha in each post, since I live in Hawaii."

2. Do you own any other blogs?
"Ohana Mama is my only baby at this time, although I do write reviews for Peekaboo Picks and The Family Review Network."

3. Favorite post from your blog?
"For some reason I often think of this was one of my first and fun to write, (and yes I am STILL trying to get him a cape...I'm pretty sure I will make him one myself for Halloween (gotta get on that!)"

Sarah's favorite post is about DiscoveryDenim's super hero capes. They are flashy and perfect for every pint-sized hero. And her review is the perfect combination of humorous and informative - so you should buzz on over!

4. What's one piece advice you'd give the bloggers who read this?
"Network, network, network. I've met so many awesome women through blogging. One story comes to mind...I simply sent a DM on Twitter to Dana at babyluxe {daily} about one of her reviews. Well from that simple DM she emailed me and really helped me get started with doing more reviews. The ladies over at babyluxe {daily} are awesome in what they do and are just fantastic women in general."

5. What's a must-read blog - besides your own!
"Of course, The Mom Buzz, Peekaboo Picks,, Simple Mom, Cool Photo Ideas, Gidget Goes Home, Family Review Network, babyluxe {daily} and my sister's family blog and my brother's family blog - we all live far from each other so it's nice to see what's going on with them."

6. Do you twitter?
"Oh yes, love me some Twitter!"

"Mahalo for letting me buzz around your blog!"

Thank you so much for buzzing Ohana Mama on the Mom Buzz! If you are looking to support the mom community and want to see what cool items are out there - from super hero capes to bohemian minky blankets - then head on over to Ohana Mama! And let her know the Mom Buzz sent you!

Happy Buzzing!