Blogger Buzz: Go Graham Go!

I'm am very excited to have the opportunity to buzz Go Graham Go and blogger Felicia. I've been "dropping" in on her ever since I found her on Entrecard. She blogs about toddler and baby friendly products ... and her adorable son Graham. Her tag line is "A Mom's Take on What Products Work and the Best Bang for your Buck!". Felicia took the time to answer our Buzz questions and share more about herself and her blog.

Here is what Felicia has to say!

1. What's your blog about?
"Go Graham Go was "birthed" due to Graham's birth (hence the inspiration for the title)! From the moment I found out I was pregnant life has changed in so many ways! It amazes me to see how quickly a tiny little person can grow, learn, and GO! Go Graham Go is a compilation of all of my "mommy" research on products that work and make the most sense! I love to save money, love quality products, and I love to pass the info along! I was tired of searching in multiple places to find answers for what I was looking for. I thought, if I can't find it, why not create it! Readers will find video or slideshow reviews on most products because I believe you should truly "see" it before you buy it! I do not blog for money so readers can count on honest opinions! I have plans for future giveaways, as well. I love comments and I love to hear readers ideas and opinions on products. I think all of us mommies are in this together and should help each other out!"

2. Do you own any other blogs?
"This is the only blog I own...I have a job as a school counselor so I am pretty busy!"

3. Favorite post from your blog?
"Favorite post would be the review about Livie and Luca shoes..because they are awesome and EVERYONE should know about them! They are my favorite and I even have a coupon code!"

4. What's one piece advice you'd give the bloggers who read this?
"One piece of advice to bloggers would be to know Jesus is to know life (feel free to ask me about it)!"

5. What's a must-read blog - besides your own!
"There are so many blogs out there that I love....but I think one that is up and coming is Jolly Mom . It is a relaxed blog about adventures of a first time mom. I can really relate to Piera."

Now, please take the time to stop by Go Graham Go, drop an Entrecard and leave her a comment saying you followed from the Mom Buzz! Check out her favorite post on Livie and Luca shoes and get that coupon code. And most importantly, support your fellow bloggers!

Happy Buzzing!