Baby Girl Products: Organic Household Cleaners

I recently won a contest on MOMDOT for Baby Girls Cleaning Products. I admit, I was intrigued. I had gone online a few months ago to learn how to make my own organic, safe-for-kids cleaner and it seemed simple enough, but I didn't have a spray bottle. How lame is that for an excuse. Plus, if you want it smelling good and not like, well...vinegar, you have to add an aroma. It seemed a little much like extra work to me, when I already have ENOUGH work as a busy mom. But Baby Girls came through by sending me a 32 ounce bottle of All-Purpose Cleaner and a 32 ounce bottle of Glass Cleaner. I didn't have to mix or buy ingredients, making it an easy way to tiptoe into the world of organic household cleaners.

The glass cleaner is made of water, vinegar, cornstarch, organic lemon juice, citric acid and organic lemon oil. I tested it first in the (so-called) master bathroom. When I first sprayed it, there is a slight vinegary smell. You are supposed to wipe with a lint free cloth. I used paper towel - not exactly lint free. I rubbed completely ... stood back ... and watched it dry streak-free. So I cleaned the other mirrors in the house. And there was no lingering vinegar smell - or ammonia smell. After all, the glass cleaner is free of toxic chemicals and fumes. And for some reason I swear they are scaring away fingerprints and dust. They still look clean a week later!

So, I was impressed with the glass cleaner. But I LOVE the all purpose cleaner. It is made of water, vinegar, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil, peppermint essential oil blend, organic aloe vera, rosemary extract and sodium carbonate. The smell is AWESOME. The coconut and peppermint really stand out. I spray it on the counter tops to wipe up splatters, the floor to wipe up spills, the bathroom to wipe up germs ... it works on pretty much every hard surface. And once again I don't have to worry about toxic chemicals and fumes. And did I mention the smell?

If you want to tiptoe into trying great, green home cleaners - visit Baby Girls Products. The cost is about the same as buying a chemical cleaner from the store. A bottle is $3.99! They also sell bathroom cleaners, bar soaps, furniture polish, microfiber cloths, organic dish soaps and gift baskets!