Behind the Mom Buzz

I'm Erin - the mom behind the Mom Buzz. I wanted to build a community that supports the online mom community, which is amazingly vast! Nowadays mom's go online for EVERYTHING, to research products, make family decisions and just for entertainment and to catch up on the news. So I wanted to develop a site that was informative, yet fun. A site that a mom could pop on, get a quick dose of information or laughs, and then continue on their busy way to take Fido to the vet, pick up groceries and juggle a toddler and a baby.

In short, the Mom Buzz is the go to site for tips, trends and news for the (busy) online mother community. We provide our growing audience with:
1. Product Reviews
2. Contest Information
3. Fun Games
4. Style Tips
5. Health News
6. Crafts
7. Celebrity Gossip
8. Boutique, Blog and Product Promotion
9. Recipes
10. Book reviews for children and adults
11. Music
12. Movies
13. Entertainment
14. Drink recipes
15. Personal antedotes

And whatever else will entertain the mothers we love to support!!!

If you are interested in being featured, having a product reviewed, sponsoring a give-away or contributing articles to the Mom Buzz, simply contact Erin!

Happy Buzzing!